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I will be serving with Hope Zambia in the women and children's ministries in the city of Chipata as well as in the villages. 

Women's Ministry


There are many opportunities to share the gospel as well as helping to teach and disciple. In Zambia, men and women typically sit separately in groups such as church services. It is considered culturally inappropriate for a man to bring together a group of women, including for purposes such as Bible teaching and discipleship, meaning this must be done by women. While the Bible has been translated into Chichewa (Nyanja), for those who cannot read, access to the Bible can be limited. There are many opportunities for ministry through discipleship, regular meetings in Chipata and the village, and special events such as ladies' meetings. These women face many challenges including difficulty finding clean water and sufficient food, disease, prostitution, and domestic violence. Yet in the midst of great physical need, only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring true change and hope to a life. 

Children's Ministry

Over half the population of Zambia is under the age of 15. Malnutrition, lack of clean water, disease, limited medical resources, and poverty impact life for these young people. Some are not able to attend school because the family cannot afford schooling for all the children, or they need to work to help provide for their family. The challenges of daily life keep both parents busy, leaving many children to themselves or the care of their older siblings. There are opportunities to minister to these children, teaching them about God through conversations, church services and special events such as Vacation Bible School. They will grow up to be the next generation of Zambians. Perhaps some of these young ones will be called to the regions beyond to bring the light of the gospel to their own people. 

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The Next Generation 

One of the special programs I was blessed to be a part of in 2018 was the "Baby Baskets" program which was started by the Matacchiera family. Less than half of births in Zambia are assisted by a trained attendant. The maternal mortality rate is 23rd highest worldwide. Those living in rural areas have less access to hospitals should complications arise, meaning many of these women die due to treatable complications such as hemorrhaging or the baby becoming stuck. For a Zambian woman to have her baby at a clinic, she needs to bring her own supplies including gloves and sutures. For many this is not affordable. During this program the gospel is presented. The women are also given information such as what the Bible says about a mother's role, safe childcare and aftercare for themselves. Women who come to this program are given all the supplies needed to have their child at a clinic. Not only does this impact these women, but it gives a greater opportunity for spiritual and physical life for these babies who will be the next generation of Zambians. 

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