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Are You an Awkward Goose?

Last January I started walking for a step challenge. It turned into taking four-mile walks in preparation for life in Zambia. I love the time to step away physically and mentally. But I also want to use the time I have the best way I can. So, I downloaded some audiobooks and started exercising my body and mind at the same time. The section below is from one of those books. It stood out to me as a great example of how we are strangers here. We tend to want to fit in, but as Christians, we are meant to stand out as lights in the darkness of this world. In Zambia, I speak in a way that sounds odd to those who have spoken Chewa all their lives. Their English sounds stiff and odd to me. We speak with the accent of the language familiar to us. It affects what we say and how we say it. Our tongues should be quick with the Word of God and halting to speak of earth.

This life is temporary and passes so quickly. There's a world around us now filled with those who one day will have the veil pulled back. All will see Christ for who He is- some with delight and others with horror. For those of us who are in Christ, eternity will be filled with joy. But for those who are not, eternity is filled with suffering. When that day comes, it will be too late for the lost to turn to Christ. While we still can, labor to bring the gospel to those around us. Live with eternity in view. Be an awkward goose...

“Christ is risen, and we have risen with Him and sit at the right hand of the Father with Him in spirit -- and one of these days with a human body. In the meantime, we're to act as if we are up there in heaven, but a little bit different. A farm boy comes to the city and acts different because he belongs on the farm. The city boy goes to the country and acts different because he belongs in the city. The man who has not been on a farm walks around gingerly, trying to keep out of the mud and keep his shoes from being soiled. He is acting like a city man on the farm. As Christians, we ought to act that way.

In a manner of speaking, we belong up there. Our culture belongs up there. Our thinking belongs up there. Everything belongs up there. Of course, when you are down here, people recognize you and say, "Well, that fellow belongs in heaven." I know a lot of people that belong in heaven. I suppose one of the ugliest things in all the world is a goose walking around on the earth. But one of the most graceful sights in the skies is a wild goose with its wings spread on its way south or north. I suppose we act awkward here because we belong up there.

Those of you who work in big offices surrounded by people who are not Christians cannot easily fit into the conversation when break time comes. You act awkwardly, and you are worried and ashamed and wonder why. It is because you belong to God. You have another spirit; you know another language, and you speak this world's language with an accent.

When others mention religion, they talk about it with an accent. They belong to the earth; you belong to God in the skies and, of course, they do not agree. They think you walk awkwardly down here, but they have not seen you with your wings spread yet. Wait until the time comes when the children of God spread their wings and soar away to meet Him in glory. Then they will see how graceful they are. While on earth, of course, they do not think we are.”

--A.W. Tozer, The Crucified Life


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